Fencing Coach Helper

This is a program made for helping Fencing Coaches keep track of the fencers current goals and what the training should focus on.

It Also helps keeping track of how many fencers appears to training and who gets lessons.

The program is currently focused on smaller clubs, and is still in the early phases of development.

Current Features

  • Add/remove club members
  • Share information about the club members between coaches and assistants
  • Each fencer can gets its own user
  • Automatical calulation of age category (Only DK currently supported)
  • Enter goals for each fencer
  • Register appearance
  • Register lessons
  • List number of fencers present and number of lessons given
  • Table view of fencers appearance and lessons for 30,60, 90 or 120 days

Login / Registration

You can login or create a new user/club here.

Examples of screens

Note that the program is still in the early stages of development, so the actual pages might change compared to what is shown below.

The welcome screen for a club admin/coach, showing the club.
The checklist where the coach can check in fencers, and mark when they gets an individual lesson.
View of fencers data, with a goal and training focus entered.
View of page when the coach can enter data for the fencer.