Stop Ball

Stop 1

If you are hit by the ball or if the ball you throw is caught, you are out and leaves the game area. You can first enter the game again when the person who “killed” you are dead. When you gets the ball you shout “Stop” and all has to stop where they are, and are not allowed to go father away from you (but possibly allowed to go closer).

Stop 2

As game 1, but when you are dead you sit down on your bottom. If you are dead, and can catch the ball  with out moving you bottom, you reviews.Be strict about not moving around to get the ball.


Sting ball – same as above, except none needs stop. This version can also be played with several balls, and you can change being dead to have to do some exercise (i.e if hit by the yellow ball, do 10 push-ups, or if the red ball do 10 squats).

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