Mash Game

Sort the kids into two equal teams. Find some way to mark each team (f.x. one team wear one globe). The game is one fencing piste (~2m wide, and the length of a badminton court). Each team must start with the members in the space next to the start line. The game is about pushing the other players from the playing area. You could also use a circle on the floor. The coach rules when someone is out. Make a clear rule (i.e. both feet or the whole body outside). Anyone pushed out leaves the game, but can cheer on their team members.

The game continues until only one team got members left on the game area.

Jumping version

The kids must have the arms close to the body (crossed in front). And must jump around pushing and mashing the opponents out of the playing field.

You are out if both feet has left the playing area.

Crawl version

The games is sitting down on all four, and must crawl around pushing the other team out. You are out if half the body is outside the field, or if you sit up rather than being on all four. The game can be rather violet, so its not allowed to lay on your opponents or over each others knees.

To make the game harder, require everyone to do it while crawling like crabs.

Hopscotch version

Everyone must do hopscotch to move around. You are not allowed to change leg. You can play one round where everyone jumps on the right leg and a second round on the left leg. You are out if one leg is outside the game area, or if both legs touches the ground.


Tactical: Each team select a king/queen, who counts 5 times as much as everyone else (the peasants). The opponents are not told who is what. The teams gets 2 minutes to choose and to make a tactic for the game. The cam can either end if the king/queen leaves the area, or after a predefined time. When the game is over you count the points.

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