Game of Pirates 1

The kids are sorted into 2 teams, one in each end of the gym. One team is “The Red Pirates” the other team “The Black Scoundrels”, or some similar names of own choise. The game gets better with more space, f.x. a football field.

As this is a Pirates game, there is a “Governor” (the Coach), ensuring all proceeds legally.

Both teams are Pirates on a treasure hunt. The treasure is a pair of shoes, and is only worth something when both have been collected.

Each team is safe on their own half of the playing field, but can get caught on the opponents half. On their own half there is a prison (placed 5-10 meters from the center line), also at the same distance from the center, and some distance away from the prison is a treasure chest (a hula-hop with one of the shoes in).

You get the treasure by running down and getting it. You are not allowed to throw the treasure (go to prison if you do), but you can pass it on to a team member.

If you are touched on the opponents field, the one touching you has to lead you to the prison, where you stay until someone (free) from your own team comes and touches you. If you carry the treasure when touched you have to put the treasure back into the treasure chest before going to prison.

When one team has both parts of the treasure in their own half of the playing field, they win.

The game allows for both single heroics, and team work. Teams should work together and coordinate both attack and defense.


The team members has to stand at least 3 meters from their own Prison and treasure chest.

Anyone freed can’t take the treasure until they have been back to their own half of the playing field.

If an attacker gets to the treasure chest, he is safe as long as he stays withing the chest.

All prisoners are free if just one is touched.

The free prisoners are safe in the prison, until they leave it, but can’t free anyone else until they have been on their own half of the playing field.


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