The area is split into 2, where each team has a safe half, and can be hunted on the opposite teams half.

Place a number of objects in each half, that the opposite team has to get to their own half (i.e. cones, shoes, gloves), and put a storage on the side of the playing field.

The team-members are then paired, and one is blindfolded. The leader has to run hand-in-hand with the blindfolded to the other teams playing field and get the objects, or run on your own half and touch the opposite team members.

Only the blind member can catch opposite members and pick up objects, but touching any member will catch them. When caught you have to return to your own part of the field and try again.

This continues until all objects are moved from one teams area to the opposite teams storage. Items in storage can’t be moved anymore, and does not count in the game.


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