John and Jack to fencing competition

Split the kids into groups, 1 for each of “John and Jack”, “Father and Mother” and “Coach”

This is a running exercise, where each groups needs to run, each time the name of the group is mentioned in the history. The distance is up to the coach, and tell the kids to save the power, they will do a lot of running. You can use the story below, or make up your own.


John and Jack to fencing competition:

John and Jack is taking fencing lessons in # fencing club, and they love to do fencing. One day when Father and Mother came to pick up John and Jack, the Coach asked, if they wanted to participate in a fencing competition next Sunday. John and Jack was very excited and wanted to go. “Oh, Father and Mother, please let us go to the fencing competition next Sunday”, said John and Jack. “Yes, of cause you are allowed to go, dear kids”, said Father and Mother in union. The kids was exulted and packed their fencing gear, while the Coach registered them for the competition.

When Sunday arrived John and Jack got up very early and was very exited. Father and Mother drove the car to the competition. The Coach did oversleep and almost came to late to the Gym, so he was very out of breath. “Good morning” ,said the Coach, “You have to fence the first match. Are You ready?”. “Yes”, said John and Jack together and ran to get their fencing clothe on. The competition stated, and Father and Mother watched on. Jack won all his matches, while John won 2. Father and Mother was clapping all the time, and the Coach was shouting and screaming good advises. When all the matches were done, the Coach was almost as tired as John and Jack. “The Club gives an Ice”, said the Coach. “Yahoo”, shouted John and Jack and almost flew to the cafeteria, while Father and Mother got a cup of coffee. “Well fenced, kids”, said the Coach to John and Jack. Then the Coach got on his bike, and drove home, while Father and Mother and John and Jack drove home in the car. If had been a great fencing competition.

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