Away with the gloves

The children divided into two teams. The area is divided in half with two low benches, a chalk line or a string. The teams are placed on either side of the “net”. When the trainer gives signal the game starts. Now the kids throw the gloves over to the other teams court. The point is that the gloves goes away – that is over to the other team as quickly as possible. The team which only have their area without gloves have won. One can also agree on a certain time limit, the game to last, and then see which team has the fewest gloves in their court when the time is up. If a team throws gloves off the pitch, they have to get the gloves back to their own area before they are allowed to throw it to the opponents half.

You are not allowed to have more than one glove in each hand at any time.

Before you start, it should be made clear to children that they must not throw more gloves when the final signal is given. Instead of agreeing on a specific time, the trainer can during matches announce that now there is, for example. only ½ minutes left, which can cause children to make an extra effort in the end.

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