Chief Ball Game

Requires a play area split into two, with space behind the rear lines. Sort everyone into 2 teams. Each team chooses a chief. Each team is placed on one half of the playing area, with the chief behind the rear line of the opposite team.

The game is about shooting all on the opposite team. If shoot, you runs down to the chief, and has to help the chief (together with the field players), to shoot all the opposite teams field players.

If a field player can catch the ball thrown by a field player on the opposite team, the opposite player is killed. If you catches a ball from thrown by the chief or the players with him, you frees one from you own team (the one first hit). If none have been hit, you could rule that it is possible to save the freeing throw.

When there is only one field player left on the team, the chief goes into the field. The chief can have one or more lives (agreed on before the fight).

When one team has no one in the field anymore, the opposite team wins.

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