Bingo run

Create 15 posts. Take one sheet of paper for each and write an exercise that should be done at the post. Remember to write how many times the exercise needs to be done by each participant, or in total. On the bottom of the paper you creates some snippets that can be torn of, with the post number. Distribute the post around the fencing area.

All the participants is split into teams of 2. The teams must do the exercises together. The rules are as following: The team that first finishes a number of the post defined by the coach, f.x. 8 post, and delivers the snippets to the coach while shouting “Bingo” has won.

The posts are placed with the backside up, and when you first has turned the paper you have to do the exercise. You can only take one snip per team per completed exercise, and you can first take the snip when the exercise is completed. If anyone is caught cheating, they either has to complete the exercise again while the Coach watches, or looses a number of snippets. Its allowed to watch what the other teams are doing and using that to find the easy posts.

Post examples: Run 5 time from one wall to the other. Do 5 push-ups each. Do 10 squats each, scream as loud as you can for 5 seconds, relax and count to 100 (in total), hopscotch from one wall to the other, run around each other 10 times.

You can also make a bingo run using only fencing related tasks – mainly leg works


Make a number of bingo-cards with different number combinations. Its the kids tasks to both find and do the posts on their card.

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