Guide til at lokalisere udstyrsproblemer på kårde

Not registering touché

Fail Search of Épée Equipment

Start by checking the épée point

  • is it there? if not, then change the broken weapon
  • is the top there, and is it fixed with 2 screws? If not, then change the épée. If the tip is fixed with only one screw, the weapon will work, but might loose the tip in the next fight.

Let the referee test if pressing the point registers on the Scoring Set

  • If yes, everything is working. If the problem persist on/off, the problem might be a partly broken body wire or cable, then proceed as if the answer to this question was no, or change body wire before next match.
  • If no: Something is wrong, proceed to locate the problem.

Check the body wire is connected in both ends

  • If no: Plug it in, and test again

Unplug the Body Wire at the weapon, and short circuit it by pushing the 2 legs against the guard, and see if it registers on the Scoring Set

  • If yes, then the problem is probably the weapon. Try cleaning the body wire plug, and test it again, as it could just be dirt on the plug. If that does not solve the problem then the problem is probably on the weapon. Common problems includes a broken wire on the blade, or loose wire at the plug. Change weapon and restart the test.

Partly unplug the body wire, and short circuit the 2 legs close together by using the tip of a weapon . Does it register on the Scoring Set?

  • If yes. Then the error is at the Body Wire. Try cleaning the plug and test if that solves the problem, otherwise the body wire is probably broken 2-3 cm from one of the plugs. Change Body Wire and test again.

Ensure the Spool is connected to the Scoring Set.

  • If not, connect, and restart the test.

Try short circuit the cable to the Scoring Set, and check that it marks a touché

  • If yes, then the error is probably in the Spool, change it.

Check if the cable from the Spool is connected to the Scoring Set, and that the Set is on and set to the right weapon

  • If no, then fix it, and restart the test

Try short circuit the cable at the Scoring Set, and test if it works:

  • If yes, change cable.
  • If no, change Scoring Set.

Touché on the Guard

Clean the guard, and try again. If that gives touché, try to test if pushing the épée to the “lone” leg on the body wire registers.

If not, then the problem is on the weapon, change it.

If Touche is Scored, then test the wires all the way to the Scoring Set the same way. Try cleaning the plugs rather than changing them, as dirt on the plug is a common problem.