Get the glove

In the middle put a box or similar. Place a glove inside the box. Split the children into 2 teams and place them behind lines, 2 or 4, equal distance from the box. Each child receives a number. Coach cries two numbers up. The two children with these numbers must now compete on who can first bring the glove safety behind his own line. If one child take the glove, the other have to touch him before he have both feet over his own line, and thereby wins the competition.


When you have practiced the play sometimes, you can call out numbers that do not exist or more than two numbers at a time.

The children can either stand, lie on stomach / back or sit with the back to the box.

On a larger area you can call up a team up instead of individuals. If you get touched, you throw the glove away and sits down. The team who gets the glove behind their line wins.

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