Cardboard tag

Find 2 cardboard boxes. Paint them in 2 colours on their different sides. You can also use the priority function from a fencing scoring app. You need 2 for the second game.

Two teams stand in line opposite one another with a distance of 2 meters. 10-15 meters behind them, they have a rear line marking a safe area. Each group has a colour.

Game 1

Throw at one cardboard box into the air.

The colour that is up when the box lands has to catch the other team before they reaches safety.

If you gets touched you are caught and will be on the other team in the next round (and have to remember that you changed colour)

After a couple of rounds you can rule that anyone who runs in the wrong direction (run home when they should be catching, or tries to catch when they should run home) automatically goes on the other team in next round.

Leg 2

Both boxes are thrown into the air at once.

If both boxes shows the same colour, that team has to catche the other team. If the colours are not the same, you should do nothing, and if you do so anyway, you goes to the other team in the next round.


You could make the boxes into big dice and have a team for equal and a team for unequal values. At 2 dice its the result of addition, subtraction, division and/or multiplication that decides the team. Remember to use math that your kids have had in school.

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