The Four Countries Catch

Split the gym into 4 equal sized areas. Add 1-2 catchers in each area, but have a lot of players.

Game 1

Each catcher has to try to clean their own area of free participants. If caught you have to do an exercise (catcher decides what) until someone free copies the exercise 5 times together with you. If the exercise is copied everyone doing the same exercise is free.

Game 2

The catchers works together and has to catch as many as possible withing 2 minutes. After 2 minutes the number of caught persons are counted. This version can be played without the freeing option of Game 1.

Game 3

You are only allowed to move in certain ways in each country: hopscotch, crawl, jump, run, both as catcher and free. The exercises should extend on the movement pattern, i.e. if running, do running with knee lift. Could be played without the freeing option.


Game 3 can be done without exercise, so that you just have to move in special ways in each country.

The exercises could be related to fencing footwork.

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