Fencing Stratego

The game requires a lot of running space, i.e. a gym or even better a football field, or an area with hiding spaces. You need at least 24 participants. The participants are sorted into 2 teams, each team selects a tactician, who must deploy the rest of the team to kill the other teams players. The game is inspired by the board game, Stratego, but with living playing pieces. All participants gets a card with their playing piece and value. Its shown on the card who the player can kill and who can kill the holder of the card.

You can have a safe area in each end of the playing field, one for each team. If not playing with a safe area the game will be more active.

You have to carry your card with you at all times. When you are caught/touched, the players has to show each other the cards, and the lowest value “dies”. When you die you deliver your card to killer, and runs back to the rear line, where the Tactician is. If there are any free card, the Tactician can give you one, until none are left.

The “killer” gets the “killed” card, and also has to run back to his Tactician. While running to deliver a card you are safe, and can’t kill anyone else.

If both players have the same card, both give over the card (both are killed), and runs home with the opponents card.

When the card has been delivered or you got a new one, if there is no safe area, you have to leave the Tactician at once.

Its possible to have more card than players, as dead players can get a new card and so be reviewed. Its often most fun to have 3-4 cards for each player, but it requires a lot of cards. You are not allowed to switch cards with other team members, but have to keep the card given by the Tactician. The game ends when one team holds all the cards of the other team or after a fixed time (calculate number and or value of cards to find a winner).

Card (show the strength on the card, and make a drawing of the function/person, make cards in 2 colours to both teams, classic colours is blue and red. Make the cards of cardboard and laminate them, or put them in chartec. Make a few strong card, or you have to make a lot of bad cards. Remember to make same number of cards to each team):

Fencing master: beats all, except the Cadet.
Chairman: beat all except Fencing master and the Cashier.
Coach: beats all except the Chairman, the Cashier and the fencing scoundrel.
Kids coach: beat all except Fencing master, the Chairman and the Coach.
Cashier: beat all except Fencing master, the Coach, the Kids Coach, and the Weapon Master.
Cadet: beat all except the Chairman, the Coach, the Kids Coach and the Cashier.
Fencing scoundrel: beat all except Fencing master, the Chairman, the Kids Coach, the Cashier and the Cadet.
Pusling: beats only the Weapon Master and the Minior
Weapon Master: beats only the Cashier and the Minior.
Minior: beats none.

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