Glove hunt

The children divided into two equal sized teams. Each team member will have a glove into the waistband on the back. The game is to steal the other teams gloves. When your glove is taken, you are out of the game. The team which first captures all the gloves of the other team has won. The “dead” goes to sit in a corner of the hall. When capturing a glove, you retaining it in the hand. You are not allowed to hold on to your own glove, but defending it with arm movements is allowed. If you drop or loose you glove you are dead.

Establish a pre-agreed time after which the team with the most vibrant on the pitch have won. You can also play with that one took the glove to be put in the waistband at catcher, they have several lives. The dead man team can make a liberator by reacquire a glove from an opponent with more gloves. Someone with more gloves on them is first dead when all the gloves has been taken.

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