FCH Help

General Information

FCH has been created as a Fencing Club Managing program by Michael Hansen, Taastrup Fencing Club (TAAF), Denmark.

It is currently oriented towards smaller clubs, with limited number of members.

New features can be requested or bugs reported at fch@epee.dk.


Requires very little computer power and can run on f.x. raspberry-pi 3+

  • PHP 7
  • MySQL/MariaDB

The code is freely available at: https://gitlab.com/epeedk/fch


The first page can see slightly different out, depending on your access rights in the system.

All users have access to their own person data (Your data), and the possibility to enter information about fencing opponents.

Below that is a table that displays either information about all clubs you are member in (if default user), or all the clubs you are some kind of administrator/coach for.

Front page for Administration User

Top Pictures

The pictures give access to:

Club Info Table

If you have club administrator/coach/board member access you will have some options besides seeing the club emails/websites and payment information in the table below the icons.

In the first row you can see the fencing club name (and logo if added), the website, and the email for the club, the chairman and the treasurer.

Payment Information

In the next row the clubs payment info is listed. For users with additional rights you can also access the payment reminder mail setup (the coin icon), or send payment mails to the club members (from the Letter icon).

Membership Info

In the membership row, you can see what type of membership you have, as well as the membership types offered by the club (MT). The final icon is for the list of club teams (if any).

There is also access to membership type (MT) and for administrators, to the page where you can send payment reminders to the club members.


The checkmark gives access to the “member presence” list, where the coach can mark who is present and who gets individual lessons.

The “s” marks a short-cut to statistics and summaries of data entered on the member presence page. Displaying number of members present on given days, or view of all fencers and their appearance/lessons for the past months.

The pencil gives access to edit club information.


These page is where you update information about your club(s).

The club edit page contains basic club information on the top, such as the club name, short form of the name, website URL, e-mails for the club/chairman/treasurer.

Further down on the edit page is also payment info, that will be available to any default member. Also you can create a standard fee payment mail template, that will be used if you try to send mail to your members from the payment pages (“p” on the home page).

On the bottom of the edit page, you can add/edit membership types. These can be used for generating payment mails.



Any person in the FCH system can become a user with a user name and a password.

There are 5 types of FCH users with different access rights:

  • Default: Standard user with very limited access, and view.
  • Club Coach: Can see all members of the clubs the user has access to.
  • Club Board: Can see/change all club information.
  • Club Administrator: Can see and change all club information and all information about club members.
  • System Administrator: Allows access to everything in the system.

If the club administrator grants someone else club access, they will by default be upgraded to the Club Coach, if they are currently Default user.

If someone looses access to any club, they will be changed to the Default role.