Hits and flops

Hits and flops are a basic element in “Improvise and adapt“. It is important to have a big selection of games and activities, so you can pull something up when you need it. If one game does not work with your group of children, get on and select another game that fits without stopping.

When planning the next training session try put in a couple of exercises/activities the kids like. If you know a lot of games you can quickly find another game if one flops and get the group of kids back together again. Being able to improvise a game on short notice is helping keeping you confident and increases the change of having a successful training session.

Don’t let it get to you if the kids thinks a game/exercise sounds boring. If they never tried it, they are not allowed to comment until they actually tried it. Do inform the kids of this rule if they starts complaining before the start of the game.

If most of the kids don’t want to participate in a game they already know, you might have to find another game, or compromise (i.e. first we do my game, then some other game).

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