Do you like your neighbor

All participants stands in a circle, each on a newspaper page or something similar. One person, the Joker, is in the middle without any page.

The Joker asks a person in circle: “Do you like your neighbor?”

If the person answers “no”, the 2 persons next to the person asked must switch place. At the same time the Joker must try to get into one of the free spaces.

The starting distance between the Joker and the 2 participants should be no less than between the participants that switches, i.e. the Joker must always stay at the center of the circle until he needs to run.

If the person answers “yes” he must add: “But I don’t like those with …” (yellow hair / brown eyes / above 12 years or something similar). Those participants that fits the description must then change place and the Joker must try to take one of the places.

The participant that does not get a space is the (new) Joker.

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