Strike on the hands

The participants goes together in pairs and compete against each other.

Game 1
Both lying on the stomach their hands in front of the head. The hands are placed on the floor.

It is about hitting each other on the hands Two possibilities:

The participants strikes in random order, and the idea is to hit the other participants on the upper side of the hands. Or who first hits the other 10 times on the upper side of the hands.
One is allowed to hit the others hands until he misses, then it is the turn of the other participant.
Game 2
Standing in pairs opposite each other, with the palms facing each other. The person who has his hands at the bottom, should attempt with a circular motion to strike the other person over the backs of the hands before that person removes his hands.

Game 3
Pairs standing opposite each other. Hands together and fingers pointing towards the opponent. The goal is to hit the other on the hands, with both hands. The children have the right to strike until you misses. When you have broken contact you have to try to hit.

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