Signal- and reflex game

The children stands in a circle holding each other’s hands. The children are told that a signal, a squeeze of the hand, will be passed clockwise around the circle. So they have to immediately pass on a recieved signal. You can time how long time a squeeze is on to reach round. All but the coach has their eyes closed. The play is repeated 3-4 times. The children are asked to concentrate. The game trains the children’s reaction time to a movement that they know will come. It goes faster and faster to send the signal around the circle.

Then children are told that they do not know which hand pressure will be comming on and when. They still have to immediately pass the signal on. Normally this will take longer.

Next the children told that they still do not know which hand pressure coming, but the coach now sending hand-pressed three or four times the same way around. The children prepare to hand the pressure coming from one side, but then receives it from the other. One can also vary with a double handshake and see if the trainer also gets a double again

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