The Samson Game

“The Samson game” is named after Samson from the Bible, because you can only fight so long as you have hair! The hair is a glove, sitting in front of the waistband. Samson was strong and big, so the game is also named after him because the game can be violent (- but it need not be so).

The children are divided into two teams. One team is attackers. The other team defends one or more balls or other objects that are placed in a circle – the circle can be a hoop, a chalk circle or one of the painted circles on an athletics track. You can also use the red box on the fencing piste as “circle”.

Within 5 meters distanceaway is a glove storage. The aim of the activity is to steal things in the circle – one at a time. All participants have one glove – in front of the waistband.

The defenders stands 2-4 meters from the circle (the distance may depend on participants’ age, strength and speed). The defenders must push the attackers away – as long as the defenders have a glove. Glove can be lost by the opponents take it in the heat of battle. If the glove is lost, the defenders must go to the storage to obtain a new one. Then they can defend it again.

The attackers must try to move (not charge) in through the defense. The attackers may attack as long as they have a glove. If they loose a glove, the attackers must go to the depot to get a new one. Then the attackers may attack again.

For every time an attacker get through the circle, he must take one item with him out. When the ball is reached, the attacker is “safe” – and is free to leave the circle.

Reversal of roles.

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