Stay Troll

Ordinary Stay Troll

Decide on the game area.

One person is the troll. The troll catches the others by touching them. When touched you have to stay standing with your legs apart, in a “bridge”. A caught person can become free if one of the other persons crawls through the legs. You are safe as long as you are under a caught person.

The game continues until all are caught or until a predefined time, then new troll(s) are selected.

Stay Troll with count

Purpose: Like ordinary stay troll, but with quicker change of Troll.

When the Troll catches a free participants he counts “Stay 1”, “Stay 2”, But at the third person he says “Stay Troll”. 1 and 2 can be set free after normal rules, number 3 becomes the new troll, and the old is no longer a Troll.

You could let the kids decide what number causes the Troll change.

Stay Troll with mirror and somersaults

Can be played after both “Ordinary Stay Troll” or “Stay Troll with count” rules. In this variation the ones caught gets a gym exercise to do to become free. The troll decides the exercise, and a free person has to do it 3, 5 or 10 times to free the caught person. Participants gets safe by doing somersaults, the moment someone starts doing somersaults, the troll has to hunt someone else.

Paired Stay Troll

Like “Ordinary Stay Troll” or “Stay Troll with count“, but you do everything as a pair. When caught you make a bridge, and another pair has to run through the bridge to free the pair.

Can also be made more difficult by putting demands on the bridge, i.e. The bridge may only have 2 legs, the bridge should be done sitting.

Stay Troll with ball 1

Like “Ordinary Stay Troll“, but you are only safe if you hold a ball.

Use 2-4 balls depending on number of participants and their running ability. The non-caught participants can work together by throwing the ball to anyone hunted by the Troll..

When caught you stay frozen in the position you had when caught. To free someone, another person has to mirror the same position.

Optionally you could give tasks/exercises to the caught persons and the ones freeing them.

Or you could decide that when you have the ball (and are safe) you are not allowed to move (except for turning or throwing).

Stay Troll with ball 2

You can also play the game, so that you are only caught if you are hit by a ball.

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