Topple the Bottle

Bottle Game 1

This game requires access to several water taps, and can be wet. Draw a big circle in the center of the game are, and place all the empty bottles there, and a couple of bottle boxes. The bottles should NOT be in the boxes.

Place each of the 2 teams in a circle, that has equal distance from the water taps and from the circle with the bottles.

The game is about filling up most bottles with water, and get them to you base, where the bottles are safe. The game normally lasts between 5 to 10 minutes.

Anything counts. You are allowed to steal bottles not in the opposite teams circle, and you are allowed to fight with water.

You could award extra points for larger bottles.

While the kids cleans up the water, the Coach can setup Bottle Game 2, or the losers can clean up, while the winners sets up the next game on the Coach directions

Bottle Game 2

This game requires 100 – 200 empty bottles. This game should be done on half a football field, and should be done on grass if you use glass bottles, water bottles should be filled half with water. If done indoor, a Gym can be used.

The bottles are spread out over the game area. None close enough that they will collide if toppled, so try to have 1-2 meters between them.

Create 2 teams. Kept the game time to 1-2 minutes, as it can cause some arguments.

One team has to topple the bottles by hand by laying them down. Hitting them or kicking the bottles is not allowed, and you will be removed from the game.

The other team has raise the bottles up again.

When the time is up you count the number of standing bottles.

If any bottle is moved after the time is up, it gives a penalty of 5 points. When bottles are toppled or raised they should stay where they are, the teams are not allowed to move the bottles.

In the second round the roles are switched.


Use bottles of different sizes, where larger gives more points to make the game more tactical.

If your bottles are filled with water, go on to game 3 to save yourself from work.

Bottle Game 3

Game invented by a Coach that did not want to empty the bottles after Bottle Game 2.

Put all the bottles with water in a big pile. Do this game outdoor. Place a safe area 10 meters from the bottle pile.

The teams has to empty the bottles and bring the empty bottles into their safe area. Anything is allowed, you can steal the other teams bottles (if they are not in the safe area), and you can use the water in the bottles for water fights. The trainer can participate, or can be a one man team.

The game ends when either a predefined time has parsed, or when all the bottles are empty.

The points from all the bottle games can be counted for a grand total.

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